In the lead up to the 2018 regular season, we’ll be taking a closer look at certain Regina Riot players both on-and-off the field in our new series, 10 Questions. This week we talk with long-time Riot linebacker Shelby Moran.


  1. We heard a rumour that you’ve started at linebacker for the Regina Riot in every game in team history. Can you confirm?

This is 100% correct!!!


  1. So you’ve been with the Riot since Day 1. What made you want to sign up back then before a team really existed?

I played football throughout high school, beginning in Ontario and ending at Winston Knoll. Football has always been my passion, so as soon as I heard about the team and after the first Football 101 classroom session… I was in no matter what.


  1. How has the team changed in the years that you’ve been involved with it?

We have definitely become more elite and professional. The athleticism and age range has changed quite drastically too. The amount of people that know the team has gone way up, likely due to the increased media coverage we receive. When we began it was very hard to get volunteers for games or book facilities, now we have partnerships and sponsorships in place that help cover all of this.


  1. What is it about the defensive side of the football that attracts you?

I love to hit people and I love to tackle!!! I also like defensive schemes.


  1. What’s the hardest hit you’ve ever laid on someone?

I don’t really know, there have been quite a few. Probably one of the fumbles I’ve forced over the years.


  1. How do you spend your time when you aren’t playing football?

I mostly spend my time working as a carpenter or hanging out with my friends (many of whom are from the team). I like to go to the gym as well.


  1. We know the locker room can get pretty crazy sometimes. What’s your favourite locker room story (that you’re able to tell us)?

What happens in the locker room stays in the locker room…. (laughs)

If I have to say something, I would say either the pre-game dancing (which I’m very much a part of) or the post-game celebrations after either of our championship wins.


  1. What is your favourite moment in a Regina Riot jersey?

Both WWCFL Championship games come to mind, as well as the first time we ever beat Saskatoon (which just happened to be on my birthday AND Mother’s Day). But my absolute favourite moment is actually a bit different.

On our defense, the linebackers like to yell out some funny things when we’re on the field. One time, we yelled “dog squat” and managed to make the entire offensive line of the opposing team laugh, which caused them all to go offside. It was a great moment. (laughs)


  1. How has playing for the Regina Riot helped you grow as a person?

It has helped me become a better person by providing so many volunteer opportunities where I’m able to help out in the community. It has also helped me grow as a teammate and become a better role model for others.


  1. Where do you think the Regina Riot are headed in 2018 and beyond?

To some more championships!!!

I think we are going to continue to grow and continue to direct more of the spotlight our way. I think more and more girls are going to be looking up to the Regina Riot.

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