As a small non-profit, the Regina Riot relies on their sponsorships in order to remain a viable organization. The Regina business community has always supported their women’s tackle football team, and that support continues to grow each year. 37 individual businesses are sponsoring the Regina Riot this season, more than any year before. Chief amongst those sponsors are the SGEU Crown Corporation.

SGEU’s support of the Riot is nothing new. They’ve been sponsoring the team for a number of years previous to this one. But it was this 2018 season where SGEU truly showed their passion for Riot football.

“We had always had a good relationship with SGEU, they had always been a consistent supporter of the team in the past” explains Regina Riot President Clarke Westby. “But this year they took that support to an entirely different level.”

For the 2018 season, SGEU provided the Regina Riot with a $20,000 sponsorship. This incredibly generous show of support allowed the Riot to make some important purchases, not the least of which was to spend $5,000 on new helmets for the team. As a thank you, all Riot helmets are now adorned with an SGEU logo.

The Riot were also able to use the sponsorship to cover the costs of team clothing, as well as other costs associated with running the team such as team travel and operational costs on game day.

The sponsorship was brought in for the Riot in large part due to the work of Team Manager Bre Deren, She worked directly with Bob Bymoen and Debbie Wallace of SGEU to help make the deal happen.

“Bob & Debbie are very passionate about Riot football,” says Bre. “Bob’s daughter played football on a men’s team, so he was very excited to see the opportunity that the Riot brought forward for women of all ages.”

Bre also spoke about the positive impact that the sponsorship has had on the team.

“Their support has allowed the women on this team to focus on playing the sport they are passionate about. It wasn’t long ago that it was the responsibility of the players to worry about how to find the financial means to run this team. A sponsorship of this nature is valued and cherished.”

The commitment that SGEU has shown to the Riot is tangible, and everyone involved with the team feels it. Head Coach Olivier Eddie and General Manager Alicia Dorwart also expressed their gratitude for the sponsorship.

“What SGEU has done for us enables our team to operate at it’s best” explained Head Coach Olivier Eddie.

“SGEU’s generous donation and support of the Regina Riot has a large impact on the success of this organization,” elaborated General Manager Alicia Dorwart. “We appreciate and thank them for allowing us to continue to grow the sport of football for women in this city.”

Perhaps Riot President Clarke Westby wrapped things up best.

“We appreciate all our sponsors, as we wouldn’t be able to run our team without them” said Westby. “But we are truly amazed by the partnership that we have developed with SGEU. It’s one that we hope can continue to grow for years to come.”

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