It’s still only January, but the Regina Riot have already started preparing for the upcoming 2017 season.

The Riot held their first official team meeting on Thursday, January 26th at Luther High School. Members of the Board of Directors, coaching staff, support staff, as well as current and potential new players all gathered to discuss team’s goals for the upcoming season. Head Coach Shawn McCall spoke to the whole team, outlining the commitment he expects from his team on and off the field in order to be #LikeARiot. Afterwards, the offense and defense split up to spend time with their positional coaches.

While optional team training sessions have already been taking place for weeks, the Riot will begin their official preparation for the new season with their first practice on February 2nd. It’s the first step on a long road that everyone involved hopes will lead to a championship season in 2017.

Things may be kicking off soon, but if you’re interested in joining the Riot it’s not to late. Visit our Contact Page, send us a note, and we will get you the information you need.

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