It was announced this week that the Regina Riot would be hosting the 2018 WWCFL Championship. The game will take place on Sunday, June 24th at Mosaic Stadium. Kickoff will be at 3pm.

This announcement happens to coincide with a shift in the WWCFL playoff which makes a championship game against provincial & conference rival Saskatoon a distinct possibility for the first time in history. The playoff schedule will be structured like this:



1st Seed Prairie Conference vs. 4th Seed Prairie Conference

2nd Seed Prairie Conference vs. 3rd Seed Prairie Conference


1st Seed Western Conference vs. 4th Seed Western Conference

2nd Seed Western Conference vs. 3rd Seed Western Conference



Top Seed Prairie Conference vs. Lowest Seed Western Conference

Top Seed Western Conference vs. Lowest Seed Prairie Conference



WWCFL Championship Game


Regina & Saskatoon have previously met in the Prairie Conference Championship Game every year in league history. The two teams have combined to win every WWCFL Championship in league history, with Regina taking home two of the last three.

Regina’s championship bid was put together by a Hosting Committee consisting of Regina Riot General Manager Alicia Dorwart, as well as support staff members Bre Deren, Ciara Cullen & Amanda Hungle. This is the second time that the Riot will be hosting the championship game.

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