The Regina Riot were supposed to be focused solely on preparing to host the WWCFL Cross Conference Final this week. Instead, they have found themselves mired in a series of unfortunate circumstances beyond their control. Starting on Sunday evening with the theft of a vehicle containing the team’s jerseys, and continuing later in the week with a change to the game’s scheduled kickoff time, it has been a week of adversity for the Riot. But the team is refusing to let that distract them.

“We talk about our team culture constantly” said Head Coach Olivier Eddie when asked about the incidents this week. “We focus on purposeful and intentional actions, and have built a culture around our responses and what we can control.”

It’s a culture that has lead the Riot to their first undefeated regular season in organization history heading into this week’s playoff matchup.

“These unforeseen events… we don’t control any of these” continued Eddie. “I’m especially proud of our athletes this week and how they have focused on their responses and doing the absolute best with every single curveball that has been thrown at the them. They have responded in a way that unifies us.”

In response to the stolen jerseys, media outlets within Regina worked with the Riot to help spread the message and help locate the jerseys. The Regina football community also stepped up, with multiple teams offering up their jerseys for the Riot to wear for the remainder of their season.

“The support of the Regina community has been excellent” said Olivier. “The media, our fans, and the general population have taken the time to bring awareness to our story and it makes us feel supported and loved. Other teams in our league have reached out, as well as many local teams in Regina. We appreciate all of that.”

And yet, with all of this adversity thrown their way, there is still a game to play this Sunday. The Edmonton Storm will be coming to town having narrowly defeated the Lethbridge Steel last weekend in the Western Conference Semi-Final. It’s the first time the Riot & Storm will have met up this season.

“Edmonton has a good team,” said the Head Coach. “I think they will come out with great energy. It’s our job to go out there, score first, and gain momentum. We’re coming off of a bye week and it will be important for us to play well right out of the gate.”

And when it comes down to it, it doesn’t matter what jerseys the Riot are wearing this weekend.

“Our team understands that come Sunday, it doesn’t matter whether we wear yellow, blue, red, orange or black” said Eddie. “We’re stepping onto the field with one mindset: to earn our spot in the WWCFL Championship.”

The WWCFL Cross Conference Final takes place on Sunday, June 17th at Mosaic Stadium. Kickoff has been moved to 3pm. Tickets are available at the door or online.

If you have any information that could lead to the return of the Regina Riot’s stolen jerseys, please send it to

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