Annual General Meeting Results

The Regina Riot held their Annual General Meeting on the evening of Wednesday, October 24th at Sheldon-Williams Collegiate.

The meeting began with a quick introduction of the current board members. This was followed by an address by the President, Clarke Westby, and a review of the financials by the Treasurer, DJ Haubrich.

There were three Board of Director positions available to vote on: President, Treasurer & Member-at-Large. President & Treasurer were both being voted on for two year terms. The Member-at-Large position, which was new, was being voted on for a one year trial period with the possibility of a one year extension. The new Member-at-Large would not have voting privileges during the first year of their term.

At the meeting, current President Clarke Westby ran unopposed and was voted back into his position with a vote of confidence. Former player Amanada Hungle put her name forward to replace existing treasurer DJ Haubrich, who did not reapply for his position. Amanda also ran unopposed and won a vote of confidence.

Three people applied for the position of Member-at-Large: former Head Coach Olivier Eddie, current Media Coordinator Roshelle Montgomery and former player Amanda Tafelmeyer. Olivier Eddie won the position in a vote of those who were in attendance at the meeting.

For a full list of meeting minutes, please click here.

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